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            Khmer Angkor Tours Co., Ltd was established in 26 April 2012 by Mrs. HAO SOTHARY who she is a Khmer nationality. His personal warmth, Quality and true, resulted in the formation of Khmer Angkor Tours Co., Ltd Company. The vision to share with others the joy of living in Cambodia, the land of his birth by extending an unfailing level of care and comfort, of high class deluxe accommodations, first class transport, top-notch driver/guides as companions and above all, the expertise cum experience of people who know and understand Cambodia-his heritage and culture and who will help preserve this for future generations. With travel designed by Khmer Angkor Tours you will never be disappointed.

Tel :023 720 447
Tel & Fax :023 724 047
Mobile Phone : 095 929 787

No. B021, Oknha Khleang Moeung (St. 70), Phnom Penh.




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